Part of #TogetherWeCan, Do You See What I See? Short theatre pieces about domestic abuse, commissioned by the Southend, Essex and Thurrock Domestic Abuse Board.

Written by Rich Chilver

Director – Tom Edwards

Trevor- Paul T Davies

Fiona- Jenny Burke

Set design – Eileen Aldous and Stuart Brindle of East Media Productions

Filmed by Deadline Communications

Produced by Cassie Catchpole of Caravan Theatre

Photo by Simon J Frith

Photo by Simon J Frith







o  Commisioned by Essex County Council and Caravan Theatre to write Surprise (available here) a short play about domestic abuse to encourage perpetrators to seek treatment. Mine and two others were performed in a converted shop in Chelmsford. Over 250 saw the play throughout the day with a further 30,000 online, one member of the public identified as a perpetrator and approached a member of the team for help. Further videos detailing the project can be found here and here.




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Photo by Shoot Me Club