Having mentally stored away a list of films which had been passionately recommended to me by those around me, in 2017 I set about watching 150 films which were new to me. This was roughly three films a week. To add to this watch list I also dug up a bunch of my DVD’s still in the wrapper, bought an Odeon Limitless Card and googled to see what the internet thought I should be watching. I was a little surprised by how many well-known films I had already seen which populate most ‘greatest films of all time lists’. I wanted to cover all genres and happily found more gems than duds along the way. I started hungover on New Year’s Day 2017 with The Princess and the Frog and on December 30th Three Colours Blue was my 150th film.


150 Films- Viewing order

150 Films- Ranked

150 Films- Alphabetical order