o  Dramaturg for Lakeside Theatre’s 50 Second Festival in honor of The University of Essex’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

o  For Making Waves, a radio writing competition linked to the 2014 Essex Book Festival, I evaluated every submission for suitability and served as part of the judging panel to determine a shortlist. Seventy submissions were reduced to a shortlist of five. The scripts were then developed under the guidance of Jessica Dromgoole, BBC Radio Drama Producer, whom I assisted in the process of preparing the scripts for radio production.

o   I served as a member of the judging panel for the 2013 Essex Dionysia, the annual playwriting competition hosted at the Lakeside Theatre. The winning play, Bran the Fisherman by Jack Lang, was awarded a slot with The Miniaturists at the Arcola Theatre.

o   For two years I served as The Mercury Theatre’s script reader, evaluating submissions and reporting to Artistic Director Dee Evans.

o   I have led several workshops in storytelling  with The Mercury Youth Theatre aged between fourteen and eighteen, writing for radio for The Lakeside Writers Group (open to all ages) and workshops in radio writing and marketing for the Colchester Institute aged between eighteen and twenty five.